For Tenants

Utilities Information

Toledo Edison Electric:  1-800-447-3333

AT&T :  1-866-636-6683

Buckeye Cable TV/Internet :  419-724-9800

Columbia Gas :  1-800-344-4077

Perrysburg Water:  419-872-8050

Perrysburg City Website

Maumee City Website:

Maumee Water: 419 897-7185

Sylvania Water/Trash:  419-885-8950

Sylvania City Website: 

Emergency Maintenance Request:  419-787-5133


Snow Removal & Winter Pipes Maintenance Policy (only for addresses 515/324)

Snow Removal

You are responsible for snow removal.

Winter Pipes Maintenance

To prevent freezing pipes when the temperature drops below (-0) please make sure that:

–   Your heat is turned up to least 65 degrees
–   The basement door is closed.
–   If you leave the property for more than 24hrs, open up the cabinets so your sink pipes can get heat
–   Leave a small drip in your faucet to ensure water flow.

Doing these steps will help prevent any timely and costly issues that occur when pipes freeze like loss of water use and repair of burst pipes which is very costly.

Thank you,


Renter Insurance Policy

We need a copy of your Renter’s Insurance Policy on file before you can take occupancy of this property.  This insurance will need to remain active during your stay.  It will protect your belongings/personal property as well as the building structure in case of catastrophic damage.

We require that you have:

  1. $3000,000 (minimum) coverage Renter’s Insurance Policy
  2.  As well as New World Holdings, LLC to be listed on the policy.

Please email, fax, mail or drop off a copy of your policy to our office below.

New World Holdings, LLC:

Once on file, we will arrange for you to take rental occupancy of the property.

Please let us know of any questions,

PS:  We use and recommend Modene Insurance.  Talk with Kim or Dave about your policy.   (419) 874-9989 (We do not receive compensation for this recommendation) Or call the company that you get your car insurance from as they can help you too.


Plumbing Policy

Please refrain from flushing baby wipes, paper towels, feminine products, napkins or anything solid, etc… other than toilet paper!

We have had numerous occurrences where the sewer drain gets backed-up and a Plumber needs to come and clean the drain at a cost of $100.00 /per.   99% of the time the sewer drain is backed-up due to something flushed down the toilet other than toilet paper which creates the clog back-up.

Please help us in preventing drain backups by following this direction.  If a drain backup occurs at your property due to items flushed in the toilet other than toilet paper, then we will split the Plumbing service bill between the two units to be paid to clean the sewer.  So please let’s help each other and solve this problem.

Thank you in advance for your help here in keeping the drains clog-free and eliminating this unnecessary plumbing cost.


Move-Out & Final Inspection Procedure

Inspection:  Will occur between the (TENANT / YOU) & (PROPERTY MANAGER / OWNER) at the property after it has been thoroughly cleaned by you to move-in ready status and all furniture and personal items have been removed.  Your scheduled walk through date is set for at the property:
This time cannot be re-scheduled.  If you no call -no show, then this could forfeit your security deposit and evoke legal action so please be here at this time.

Walk Through:  Together we’ll walk through the property to review the status and discuss any problems or issues or repairs that need to be made which may impact the security deposit.  We’re expecting to give the security deposit back to you.  Please make it easy for us to do this by leaving the property in the same or better condition as when you moved in.  Please see the list below of what we would expect to see done for a successful inspection.

Security Deposit:  The check mails 30 days from the date we receive all the keys and any final payments.  A letter will be sent to you explaining why any security deposit monies have been held – If any.   Damages, unpaid utilities bill, unpaid late charges, unpaid rent, etc, are a few reasons for non-returned funds.  Be sure that we have your new address and phone number.  Also, notify the post office of your new address so your mail forwards.

Utilities:  Pay for and shut off all services and utilities and be at property to let utility meter readers in for final readings /shut-offs on gas, electric, water, TV, etc if needed.  There will be a $50 charge for each utility that we have to be at the property for to manage on your behalf.

Do these things to have a successful final inspection:

>> GENERAL CONDITION – The premises must be clean. All trash, bottles, etc., must be removed. Porch/balcony must also be free of debris. Basement cleaned and free of debris and personal belongings.

>> WASHER / DYER – cleaned inside and out and lint removed.

>> WINDOWS – All windows must be cleaned.  If there are storm windows, they must be cleaned.

>> BLINDS – All blinds are to be cleaned and in working order. If blinds are broken, replace them in white color.

>> FLOORS – Swept and mopped.

>> RANGE – Remove cooking stains from range, drawers and burners, racks and broiler pans.

>> REFRIGERATOR – All food must be removed, inside scrubbed and freezer defrosted and it smelling nice. Crisper covers must be intact. Ice cube trays must be clean and remain with refrigerator.

>> CABINETS – Kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity must be cleaned. Drawers must be empty and cleaned.  Medicine cabinet must be cleaned.

>> BATH:  Mirrors, bathtub, toilet, cabinets, and floor must be cleaned and all personal items removed.

>> KITCHEN: – sinks, dishwasher, microwave, cabinets cleaned inside and out along with floors.

>> LIGHT FIXTURES – All light fixtures must be clean and have working light bulbs in them.

>> SMOKE DETECTORS – All smoke detectors must be in working condition and have new batteries in them.

>> CARPET – Carpeting belonging to the property must be commercially steam cleaned. If you prefer that we have it cleaned for you, the charge will be billed to you.  Charges will also be made for any damages, such as cigarette burns, stain, torn carpeting, stained or damaged flooring, etc.

>> WALLS – If you have soiled, added paint or paper or nail holes to any walls, Clean and repair holes.  If paint is needed to fix walls, this will be decided whether you or owner will repaint walls at inspection.

>> YARD: – Must have all personal items and trash and debris removed from yard, driveway and garbage area.

>> PERSONAL PROPERTY – Any personal property left on the premises after move out date will be considered trash and removed at tenant’s expense. (If any).

>> IMPROVEMENTS TO PROPERTY – Any improvements to the property made by you inside or outside MUST NOT be removed without written permission from owner.  This includes landscaping, scrubs, flowers, walkways, out buildings such as storage sheds and playhouses, TV dish, etc.  Any interior improvements you may have made to the property must also remain.  Improvements such as but not limited to the following are:  ceiling fans, bookshelves, shelving, flooring, light fixtures, appliances, décor, etc.

Again, we’re expecting to give the security deposit back to you.  Make it easy for us to do this by leaving the property in the same or better condition as when you moved in.  Please see the list below of what we would expect to see done for a successful inspection.

We would like to thank you for renting from us. We hope you will be happy in your new home.

Thank you,



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